17th-18th August 2019


***If you have followed me on Twitter, you would have seen these Square Out dates I posted in April for Dow Jones, Gold, Crude Oil and the Nifty.

You will learn how to calculate these dates in session 4 on Day one at my workshop. The squaring of Price with Time can be applied to any index or market.***


Melbourne Parkview Hotel

562 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne.

A pre-requisite for attending this workshop is the completion of

Bundle 2.

To book your place, please send me an email with Melbourne Workshop as the subject

line and I will send you payment details. 


"This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Its very nature kept me involved and interested. Olga is a fabulous presenter-knowledgeable-makes things simple and easy. Presentations are based on authoritative research, interactive and acknowledge the range of experiences, skills. Activities- not sitting and listening to a lecture for the whole day. It is no exaggeration to say he Workshop experience was thought transformative. I am feeling energized and eager to start using the techniques and tools shared generously by Olga. I now have a toolbox that I can regularly use. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to all interested in Gann Techniques and tools. I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks again…."

PT, Sydney


“Thank you for a fantastic weekend workshop regarding Gann Astrology and the amount of material and insights into W D Gann you offered. Amazing. I have been involved with many groups and workshops over 20 years relating to the Markets. I was introduced to Gann early 2000’s by a trader who had pulled the Gann material apart and was trading by his rules. Since then others talk about Gann Trading at different levels but no one I have met went to the depths that you have. Making us do exercises on paper just like Gann was, truly awesome and brain therapy into Gann’s research and trading. The body of work you have built on Gann and shared with us was great, I have not met anyone else that has the Knowledge on W D Gann as you have. Thank you again Olga, Look forward to your next Workshop. (The Gann Journey)”.

S.B. Melbourne.


Thank you for an amazing 2 days at your seminar!
This was definitely a religious experience for me as I witnessed the effects of the planets on markets with such mathematical precision!
For me the journey from London was definitely a small price to pay to get this knowledge and understanding!
Olga shares unreservedly sacred knowledge that she has deciphered from WD Gann's work that nobody else has!
I look forward to many more lessons from you and look forward to seeing you on London soon unless I decide to visit Australia again before that 🙂Peter, UK.


'There were traders who travelled from the UK and INDIA to specifically attend Olga's workshop. I fully understand why they did. The information given here is unique, it is not available in the public domain, . Her understanding of astrology and the applications to Gann in a UNIQUE understanding with DIRECT application is truly breathtaking. Worth every penny. Highly recommended.

Mark, Queensland


The Gann techniques are the most prized , and most effective trading methods I have come across . I have thoroughly enjoyed Olga’s workshop , where she explained, with clear instructions and  hands on exercises Gann’s methods.   Such clear exposition and excellent  teaching of this  material is rare. This is a return workshop for me , where she expounded techniques I had previously been unable to unravel. I thoroughly recommend Olga Morales' workshops.   R.S. , Melbourne



Many thanks for the workshop today. Whilst I have been interested in the work of W.D. Gann for a while, some of Gann's more esoteric teachings have eluded me. However, your ability to break things down and simplify what can at times be a complex topic has really helped me get a head start in learning how W.D. Gann applied astrology to the markets. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject really show. Whilst there are others out there who claim to be able to teach these topics, I highly doubt that that they have a level of understanding of the depth and breadth that you are able to demonstrate. For anyone thinking about joining Olga for one of her workshops I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks again Olga. I look forward to hopefully seeing you at your next workshop!

Liam W. Melbourne


I came away from the workshop having a deeper understanding of the genius of W D Gann's astrological information and in timing the markets. Olga's beginner and intermediate DVD's were are an important starting point in order to get the most out of the workshop. Great information and value. Olga's teaching style is clear, visual, practical and hands on. Olga, is patient, generous and passionate with sharing her vast knowledge. Olga, I can't thank you enough. M J Melbourne, Australia


Just finished another great weekend with Olga and her followers. “Great Stuff Olga ”, it was informative and fascinating at the same time, the practical work during the seminar was the hands on type of work that gives you the confidence to take it away and repeat the process. C.L. Melbourne

“A truly remarkable workshop – Olga not only showed us how Gann derived the techniques he uses but also how to apply the techniques correctly to the charts.

I was also very impressed that Olga took the time to ensure each and every individual in the workshop understood how to practically apply those techniques to the charts.

This workshop is a must for anyone wanting to decipher Gann’s techniques (and also getting an insight on Gann’s thinking) and application of those techniques. Highly recommended.

Terrence T”


"Thank you for a refreshingly thought provoking and hands-on learning experience at your workshop Olga. Being relatively new to the work of W.D. Gann, in just two days, I gained much needed insights which I am eager to study further and incorporate into my trading. I thoroughly enjoyed your passion for this topic, your warm teaching style and generous way in which you share your knowledge. I highly recommend this workshop and look forward to attending future sessions."

All the best,

"Olga’s presentation style is engaging, patient, warm and fun.

Her extremely well researched  topics, are jam packed with examples and the hands on learning approach have provided me with the tools to confidently apply it to my future trading.

I found the course to be enlightening and look forward to future presentations and highly recommend it to WD Gann students".


Gaby September 2018





"Thank you Olga for the extraordinary weekend workshop.

 I walked away with valuable information about timing in the markets, ways to

 determine price and a deeper understanding of the work of WD Gann and the

 astrological information he coded into Tunnel Thru The Air.  Your generosity

 in teaching and sharing your knowledge, your patience, your passion for

 everything relating to WD Gann is very much appreciated."


Kind regards




"Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to participate in the Brisbane Workshop.  Olga is not only talented in the use of astrology in trading, her teaching style allows you to fully understand the methodologies behind the harmonies that make up the resistance and support levels leading to the market vibrations.

I encourage anyone thinking of attending, to do so. You will not be disappointed”.





“Hi Olga,

Thank you for your dedication and insight into Gann. I loved the workshop and am penciling in next years one already. There is so much to learn and I feel I have only scratched the surface. Keep up the great work”.

Yvette – Melbourne



"After spending a fortune on many 'Gann courses' with so called ' Gann experts', I am very happy to give a testimonial for Olga's workshop. She obviously has a deep and thorough knowledge of astrology AND can demonstrate how Gann coded this in very practical ways. What she taught is practical, esoteric and is not taught anywhere else in the public domain. She is an excellent teacher, is humble with a wonderful positive energy. It is a privilege to have obtained the knowledge that she is willing to share. Compared with the quality of other courses, this is simply far superior, and a bargain at its price. Highly recommended. "

 Mark W



 "I would strongly encourage anyone interested in studying Gann to make their way through Olga’s Home Study Course, and particularly, to consider attending Olga's annual Workshop.

The Workshop is focussed on the practical application of several of Gann’s most important market techniques and considerations using real life examples - absolutely invaluable insights, which one might otherwise struggle with for sometime if not for Olga’s guidance.

Olga's passion for Gann and Astrology shines throughout, and her fun, happy and patient approach to teaching is infectious and effective.  

Highly recommended."



. ..

Thanks for a great weekend.  Olga was so generous in the sharing of her knowledge in a very practical hands-on manner.  I have attended seminar's from so called Gann's experts and walked away disappointed but this was not the case with Olga's workshop.  The knowledge gained was eye opening and allowed one to put it into immediate use.  Her teaching style oozes passion and a strong desire to help you with a sprinkling of patience.  
G - Brisbane