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•This indicator is based on planetary transits to natal charts. •The ebb and flow of planetary energy often correlates with market trends. •My indicator shows around 70%- 75% correlation. •There is always a percentage of error which are called inversions. •A disclaimer: Past performance is not a guarantee for future performance. •To minimize risk, use tight stops for every buy and sell. •DO NOT SHARE THIS PDF or CHARTS with others in groups, forums or Social Media. •STRICKLY ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE.

 I plot the indicator for each month as below. The RED curve is based on larger planetary cycles and therefore shows a smoother trend.

BLUE curve is based on faster planetary cycles and therefore shows faster trends.

The curve does not indicate price levels.

The height of the curves does not necessarily indicate the highest high etc.. rather just higher planetary energy and vice versa.

Peaks often coincide with reactions, reversals and corrections

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