The Tunnel Thru the Air,  was a medium for Gann not only to encode his trading secrets but also a method for him to express his deep beliefs through the main character Robert Gordon. Gann grew up in a strict Baptist community where he could not openly disclose his affinity with Astrology.  For example, on page 26, "He read the Bible, especially the story of Job, continued to go to church, and while he was suffering many trials and tribulations, his mind was expanding. He could not accept the theory preached and taught by preachers, because he knew that the things they taught were wrong."

Within its pages, Gann was able to teach personal, financial and mundane astrological principals for a future generation as a legacy for those willing to knock and seek.

More quotes below.

pg75. “In making my predictions I use geometry and mathematics, just as an astronomer, based on immutable laws.”

Pg 84. “How few people are willing to study the Bible in order to understand the signs and discern the future and profit by it.’
Pg. 172 “ Robert was a great believer in Astrology because he had found this great science referred to so many times in the Holy Bible. He had made notes as he read the Bible at different times where it referred to Astrology or the signs in the heavens and was thoroughly convinced that the influence of the heavenly bodies govern our lives.”

Pg 175. “Robert knew that the Bible was replete with references that the heavens ruled. He had read where it said: ‘Discern the end from the beginning, where Jesus said, “I will judge you in the place of your nativity.”

Pg 62 “I have been studying the Bible night and day for many years, and I believe that I have found in it the key to all prophecy, -- the rules foretelling the events in the history of the country, the progress in invention, and the rules for forecasting the future of stocks and commodities.”

pg 204 “ I have studied the Bible very carefully because I believe it is the greatest scientific book every written. The laws are plainly laid down how to make a success. There is a time and season for everything, and if a man does things according to time, he will succeed. The Bible makes it plain that not all are born to be prophets, nor to be farmers, doctors or lawyers, but each can succeed in his own special line, according to time and place. If men would only follow the Bible and know that there is a time to stop try making money and to keep what they have, then wait for another season when the time is ripe, they would continue to succeed indefinitely.”

Pg 67. I believe in the stars, I believe in Astrology and I have figured out my own destiny.

The Bible makes it plain that the stars do rule. 147th Psalm, 4th Verse:

“He tellest the number of stars, he callest them all by name.

I believe the wise men of the East, the astrologists before the birth of Jesus Christ, knew where and when he would be born by the study of the stars".